Recent lame things

My dog died yesterday. Seriously. This is a blog post. He was nearly seventeen and he was an obese beagle boy named Ollie. He used to pee on my leg when I was about seven, as if I was his territory and he was marking me. I didn’t mind. He loved me.

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2 thoughts on “Recent lame things

  1. ashbnew says:

    My heart breaks to hear of your dog’s passing, my father & step-mom had a beagle kennel while I was growing up. So, beagles have always been a favorite dog to me! It is so sad to lose a pet you have had for a couple of years–let alone 17 years! We had a pet beagle named Allie, she was also an obese beagle. Haha. She used to snore louder than my dad did, I called her our little potbelly beagle. Your post brought back many happy memories of my old pet, though it is still a sad post. Hope you find comfort in your loss.
    Peace & other things.
    –A. (:

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