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Misadventures in Smoothie Making

I’m all about this juicing/smoothie/whatever you want to call it craze. What’s better than putting fruits and veggies together and making a whole new, super healthy entity? Yesterday I was a little strapped on ingredients but I was fiendin’ for something deliciously drinkable so I threw something together that was actually really good (but not so pretty!)


I used: mango, kiwi, spinach, coconut water, a teensy bit of plain Greek yogurt, and frozen cranberries instead of ice.

It turned out awesomely, but my cranberries didn’t all blend completely..that’s because my blender is mega old, though.

What do you guys like to throw in the blender?

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Paper VS Electronic: The Ultimate Battle!

Recently, I’ve been thinking quite a lot about getting a planner. Not just getting a reminder or appointment app on my phone, but a real paper planner. I’ve been online window shopping and have found so many beautiful leather planners, but I can’t tell if it’s the shop-a-holic in me or if there’s actually a good reason to buy one. Part of me thinks that using a paper planner is a not only wasteful, but also impractical. I mean, c’mon, I can barely keep up with the calendar that sits in my phone… how would I keep up with one that added to the list of things to carry around?

This internal debate has made me think more about the e-book versus real live paper book dilemma that seems to be going on as of late. I’m a self proclaimed book lover and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to buy into the whole e-book thing. I’ve bought text books for my iPad before when they were significantly cheaper that way, but I can’t imagine myself willingly buying one for any other reason. How can one give up the smell and feel of the pages turning for the ease of a light-adjusting touch screen? I enjoy knowing that there are stories other than the written ones in that book that were transferred from the fingers that turned the pages before me.

Back to the point, basically… I’m wondering what you readers think about planners. Do you use one? Does it help you stay organized, and which brand/prototype is your favorite? If you don’t use one… why not? And hey, if you have something to say about paper vs ebooks, speak up! Comment below!

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Freelancing, guest-blogging, getting started blues.

I woke up this morning to mountainous heaps of snow covered by thick layers of transparent ice decorating my neighborhood. Needless to say, work and class were called off and I was left to my own devices at home. I played a little Flappy Bird (if you haven’t yet, don’t… it’s tortuously addicting,) browsed Craigslist for writing jobs, watched my cat chase the ever elusive laser pen, and then found myself researching how to get some more traffic to my blog with the hopes of eventually somehow making money writing on the internet. Everyone seemed to say nearly the same thing… start out by guest-blogging. 

Finding a place to guest blog, though, is what seems difficult. I don’t really have any connections and I’m pretty sure nobody reads this blog. But… I have lots to say about lots of things! 

If anyone with a blog sees this, stop and think… could I write an awesomely enticing article for your site? I will gladly talk about nearly anything from my favorite vegetarian recipes, the tons of uses I have for the mason jars that I’ve been hoarding, why I like my iPad air more than my Nexus 10, or why going to concerts alone has changed my life completely (for free of course!) Or anything else that will fit both my style and your blog! Let’s talk, let’s be friends, let’s blog together!

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Quick lunch and nannying excitement

Off to go babysit an 11 month old for what could be the beginning of a new regular nannying gig! Oh how I’ve missed it, and babies are awesome.

Realized I needed to bring food for myself about 20 minutes before I left and quickly realized that I have barely any food.

…pasta salad to the rescue! Leftover noodles, random veggies (black beans, celery, and carrots for me,) salsa, and cheese.


Give it a little shake shake shake, aaaaand…


Voila! Not super pretty but quick easy and healthy ish. Fingers crossed my day is as simple as this!

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Hungry Ghosts / Le Grand Fromage / 1.25.2014

Hungry Ghosts / Le Grand Fromage / 1.25.2014

A few photos I snapped with my Nikon in Atlantic City a few weeks ago of Philadelphia’s own Hungry Ghosts. Click-thru link to the rest of them. I’d love it if someone checked them out!

PS- one of those dudes happens to be MY dude. Guess which one…

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Lately I’ve been, I’ve been cookin’ hard (I’m tooootally not referencing One Republic)

Seven months ago I became attached at the hip (started dating) a vegetarian. Previously, I had no clue how to cook anything but grilled cheese, which I would probably have burned. I still mostly suck at cooking, but I’m learning and really enjoying the process!

I made a really awesome pan-fried pepper tofu and avocado sandwich. Clearly I went a little heavy on the mayo.. but nonetheless, it was DELISH!




I’ve always had a hard time getting into avocado alone, as in not in guacamole. This wasn’t bad but I still got a little skeeved out.

Does anyone reading this (If anyone is actually reading this..) have any avocado recipes that might turn me on to it a bit more?
Hey, even if you don’t, say hi if you’re actually reading this!

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