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Lately I’ve been, I’ve been cookin’ hard (I’m tooootally not referencing One Republic)

Seven months ago I became attached at the hip (started dating) a vegetarian. Previously, I had no clue how to cook anything but grilled cheese, which I would probably have burned. I still mostly suck at cooking, but I’m learning and really enjoying the process!

I made a really awesome pan-fried pepper tofu and avocado sandwich. Clearly I went a little heavy on the mayo.. but nonetheless, it was DELISH!




I’ve always had a hard time getting into avocado alone, as in not in guacamole. This wasn’t bad but I still got a little skeeved out.

Does anyone reading this (If anyone is actually reading this..) have any avocado recipes that might turn me on to it a bit more?
Hey, even if you don’t, say hi if you’re actually reading this!

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