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Seven Deadly Sins (first draft)

All seven sins are consequences of love.

you won’t see me before I begin to drive.
I’m choosing for you not to see me.
I’ve been driving for one hundred miles and you still haven’t called.
I won’t call.
I’m not coming back and I’m filling my new life with pictures that only I can see.
Dozens of pictures for my eyes only.
you didn’t want me to do your dishes anymore, so I smashed them all instead.
Shattered pieces of your favorite china are more fitting than cleanliness.
tell someone else to turn around, because I won’t.
I’m sure you can find someone else to tell.
a new and improved you, all mine, whenever I please.
It’s my turn to have my way.
I choose what enters my body and in what quantities.
I’m okay to drive.

All seven sins are consequences of loss.

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