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Freelancing, guest-blogging, getting started blues.

I woke up this morning to mountainous heaps of snow covered by thick layers of transparent ice decorating my neighborhood. Needless to say, work and class were called off and I was left to my own devices at home. I played a little Flappy Bird (if you haven’t yet, don’t… it’s tortuously addicting,) browsed Craigslist for writing jobs, watched my cat chase the ever elusive laser pen, and then found myself researching how to get some more traffic to my blog with the hopes of eventually somehow making money writing on the internet. Everyone seemed to say nearly the same thing… start out by guest-blogging. 

Finding a place to guest blog, though, is what seems difficult. I don’t really have any connections and I’m pretty sure nobody reads this blog. But… I have lots to say about lots of things! 

If anyone with a blog sees this, stop and think… could I write an awesomely enticing article for your site? I will gladly talk about nearly anything from my favorite vegetarian recipes, the tons of uses I have for the mason jars that I’ve been hoarding, why I like my iPad air more than my Nexus 10, or why going to concerts alone has changed my life completely (for free of course!) Or anything else that will fit both my style and your blog! Let’s talk, let’s be friends, let’s blog together!

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DIY Mason Jar Tumbler (24 oz)

So today I was feeling especially inspired and bored, and thus came this tumbler. image

I grabbed one 24 oz (pint and a half) ball mason jar, a reusable straw from another tumbler (you can also buy them at Target or Starbucks for super cheap,) and a drill with a 5/16 drill bit on it.

The process is pretty self-explanatory, and I forgot to take pictures during that! But after drilling the hole right in the middle of the lid, I filed it down with sand paper so it was nice and smooth then I painted it this adorable little mint green color with a hint of glitter!


This project cost me less than 5 bucks, and I see these things sold online for 20+ bucks. Totally awesome, easy, and fun. Hey… maybe I should start selling them for that much on Etsy 😉

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