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Almost forgot today’s post. Carved (second draft)

Fall in love with a ghoul, its deep sounds;
bones that dance downstairs alone,
or with you.
Fall in love with the devil
the dark honesty in his ruthless ways,
the way he cackles and smirks as he tells you
precisely the truth that you did not want to hear.
Fall in love with God,
his all-knowing statements of what has been,
of what will be.
Fall in love with anything.
Anything but a
Witches aren’t lovers.
To love a witch is to see the beauty in Medusa
before she turns you to stone,
a quick, terrifying moment of bliss,
followed by a lifetime of paralyzing regret.
To climb a fence fearlessly
realizing that many others have impaled themselves
right there on that fence
seconds before plunging to your ill fate.
Those others have fallen slowly with open eyes
wishing they had looked a little closer,
wishing they had planned their next moves more precisely.
Fall in love with anyone but a witch
and you become a pumpkin.
Hand picked and admired.
Taken home with great care;
your beholder understands the fragility of you.
Fall in love with a witch,
and after a few short-lived moments of thoughtful gazing,
she will carve you.

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