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Crock pot Hawaiian “Chicken”

Found a sweet recipe on Pinterest for crock pot Hawaiian chicken with pineapple, BBQ sauce, etc. and now that I have my crock pot I figured I’d give it a go! My boyfriend doesn’t eat meat (and neither do I most of the time…) so I decided to use quorn brand fake chicken cutlets.


Ingredients: 1 box of quorn chicken cutlets (4 pieces,) 1 whole bottle of archer farms target brand sweet pineapple BBQ sauce, 1.5 cans of pineapple chunks in juice, and 1 bag of frozen organic broccoli.


Throw ’em all in there. Cook on high for 6 hours. Check on it and give it a stir every once and a while.


By hour four it should be looking pretty yummy…


And by hour six its a pot full of Hawaiian goodness! It was awesome, a little spicy from the BBQ sauce but super sweet still. The “meat” was so tender, I wanted to shred it with a fork and make a sandwich. Maybe next time!

What should I try in my crock pot next?

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Misadventures in Smoothie Making

I’m all about this juicing/smoothie/whatever you want to call it craze. What’s better than putting fruits and veggies together and making a whole new, super healthy entity? Yesterday I was a little strapped on ingredients but I was fiendin’ for something deliciously drinkable so I threw something together that was actually really good (but not so pretty!)


I used: mango, kiwi, spinach, coconut water, a teensy bit of plain Greek yogurt, and frozen cranberries instead of ice.

It turned out awesomely, but my cranberries didn’t all blend completely..that’s because my blender is mega old, though.

What do you guys like to throw in the blender?

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